Whether you donate time, a teachable skill, money or prayers – when you step foot through these doors,
and meet our students, you will be forever changed.

The difference you will make will have a profound impact on the lives of many. And an even more profound impact on your own.

Whether you donate time at one of our fund-raising events, or lend expertise to advance our work. Whether you mentor, share advice
on vocational enterprises for our teens or lead instruction. The impact you will have on our lives will be insurmountable. And the impact
the experience will have on yours – immeasurable.

Do good. Feel great. Repeat.
To become a volunteer at Equip Skills Center, call us at 614-237-7300 or we’ll call you if you contact us through the form below.

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  • "I have a skill... and a portion of God's love I can share with them. It's fulfilling." Volunteer

  • "I wouldn't be doing this if I didn’t think it was going to result in students getting a great start in a great career. It's holistic and something that can actually transform their lives." Volunteer

  • "I enjoy volunteering because it offers young men and women from all backgrounds an opportunity to learn something new. Some may find a new potential career path but even if they don't it's good to know that they will have learned practical things about maintaining a car. I especially enjoy the conversations that takes place between the volunteers and students as they work through completing the course." Volunteer

  • “I’ve been volunteering at Equip for three years. I enjoy talking with students and working on cars with them. I have had fun and a sense of fulfillment through impacting students’ lives.” Volunteer